Let’s try to answer some of the questions you may have.

Understanding MBA Shots better

Questions related to the core philosphy and offering of MBA Shots.

5 days a week, Mon-thru-Fri you will get an email from MBA Shots. Each of these emails will have a short video or a book/podcast summary or a case-study! The content is byte-sized and would not take more than 30 mins to read/view and understand.
Why daily and why bite sized? Because Learning Needs to be a habit

Glad you asked. We believe that

  • We need to learn continously to grow as professionals. Hence small investments of time made regularly.
  • Learning is a powerful habit. Compounding effect kicks in.
  • We learn when we can really discuss, debate or explain concepts. Build a learning community.

For more details, see our design principles.

If you are a management professional, MBA student or a start-up founder, we believe you will find value in our community. A good question to ask is - Do you feel strongly about building a learning habit? If so, then join us. If not, maybe its not the right time to join MBA Shots!

Great question! We believe that our members would have three learning sources:
1. Industry leaders on MBA Shots - this is the curated material we share on a regular basis
2. Community members on MBA Shots - our aim is to design MBA Shots into a community where we learn from each other. Via the discussions, debates we have.
3. Other sources - books, blogs, podcasts, articles, news. For these sources of knowledge, MBA Shots will provide the community platform to discuss and internalize.

We are not just a source of content. We are a learning community.

3 key themes we will focus on:
1. Managing Business - E.g. Pricing, Driving growth, Branding, Product Management, Competing Vs Partnering
2. Leadership Lessons - E.g. Building teams, Designing culture, Coaching young managers, Recruiting as a superpower .
3. Personal Development - E.g. Career paths, Relaunching my career, Designing a development plan, Managing Reviews .

As a MBA Shots member you earn 1 credit for every member who joins using your invitation. You can access your unique referal link from your dashboard (post login).

Credits allow you to unlock unique benefits at MBA Shots. Stay tuned for what we have in store. Till then do earn as many credits as you can.