Anti Fragile - Things that gain from disorder by Nassim Nicholas Taleb


Nassim Nicholas Taleb

  Strategy, Disruption

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Antifragile by hello mba Shots

Surviving in a highly unpredictable world


1. Antifragile items don't shatter under stress, it gets better from it.

  • Antifragile isn't simply the opposite of fragile. It cannot just be described as being robust or resilient. That's because resilient things don't change or improve. 
  • Resiliency helps resist shocks but stays quite the same, while the antifragile is more than that, it gets better after a shock. 
  • In other words, antifragile are things that benefit from shock and flourish in unstable environments. They get better when they are put under stress and pressure.
  • Nassim Taleb uses the example of Hydra, a monster in Greek mythology with multiple heads. Whenever one head was cut off, two would grow back. So for each time the monster was hurt, it got stronger. That’s the essence of being antifragile.


2. Understanding Fragility:

  • For anything that is fragile, the more powerful the shock, the more damage it causes. The combined impact of small shocks on a fragile thing is not as bad as the impact of one, large shock.
  • In the business world, small is less fragile. Being big during challenging times is a serious problem. 
  • The bigger a project, the poorer the final outcome and the higher the cost of a delay. 
  • However, some projects can be broken into smaller sections in a manner that the size of the segment matters more than the size of the overall project.


3. Fragility And Ethics:

  • The most unfortunate situation about modern society is the way that fragility and antifragility gets shifted from one party to another, with one party reaping all the profit and the other side receiving all the harm.
  • Nassim argues that in traditional societies, a person’s worth depended on how much they were willing to sacrifice. But in today's society, power accumulates to people or entities that have no skin in the game.


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