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  • The Attackers Advantage Book Summary

    The Attackers Advantage Book Summary

        The aim of this book is to help understand and respond with appropriate action in today’s fluid and uncertain business environment. Author Ram Charan elucidates from several interviews of effective individuals who are champions of recognizing uncertainty and making a profit out of it. Charan offers practical advice instead of just dull abstract…

  • Built to Last Summary

    Built to Last Summary

      # Key Takeaways: – Companies that are built to last have a strong core ideology that guides their decisions and actions. – These companies also have a clear and compelling vision for the future, which serves as a unifying force for their employees. – Built to last companies have a culture of discipline, where…

  • The Art of Strategy Book Summary

    The Art of Strategy Book Summary

      -Game theory is the science of predicting the outcome of a situation or game by understanding the risks and rewards associated with each decision. It can be used to effectively identify the best possible strategy/tactic for a goal. -The book is based on extensive research and is also paralleled with unique real-life examples to…