The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone


Grant Cardone

  Strategy, Product

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The difference between success and failure is 10X


1)Set targets 10X greater

Set targets that are 10 times greater than what you think you can accomplish. The most crucial mistake most people make is not setting high enough goals. Understanding the amount of effort and the level of thinking required to succeed is key in this process. Remember to never reduce a target. Always increase your actions.


2) Make 10X the effort

Whatever goal you are seeking to achieve, assume it will take 10 times the effort to really meet it. The biggest mistake most people make is not setting their goals high enough. Implementing greater action is the only way to satisfy your actual potential.


  • The idea behind this principle is that even if you do fall short of the 10X goal, there is a high chance that you will be above the original target. In hindsight, it is better to fall short on a massive goal than it is to fall short on an average one. 


  • Humans have a natural tendency to underestimate what can be accomplished, hence we set lower targets and do not reach our full potential. 


  • By applying the principle of the 10X rule to our thinking and the actions we take after, success is certain.


4 degrees of action:

  1. No Action: Not doing anything towards the goal.
  2. Reverse Action: Excuses lead you in the opposite direction, away from your goal.
  3. Average Action: Doing only half effort work and hoping for success to come.
  4. Major Action: Doing everything possible to achieve the target and not allowing anything to get in the way. 


Tips to set 10X goals:

  • Start by making primary goals followed by primary actions.
  • Do not over-plan, immediately focus on actions.
  • Never reduce goals once you write them.
  • Do not drown in too many details.
  • Evaluate your goals regularly.
  • Do not evaluate the outcomes of your actions prematurely.

Treat your goals like a mission. Build a meaningful purpose behind those to help you stay motivated. 


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