The Art of Innovation by Tom Kelley, Jonathan Littman


Tom Kelley, Jonathan Littman

  Innovation, Startups, Growth, Strategy

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How Innovation Works by hello mba Shots

An insider view of how innovation works


-What is the goal? Unless everyone understands the goal, future ideas have no real relevance.

-Create a vision of customers and their needs. A persona of the standard user and how will the concept benefit them.

-What does the finished product or service look like? Regardless of the inception stages, there has to be a slightly defined understanding of what it will be like once it's completed.



-Creativity doesn't need to be fun, but it surely serves. Taking this process too seriously makes it difficult to think outside the box.

-Like in any other learning environment, games can often be utilized for innovative teaching and learning.

-Play the devil's advocate. Making rounds where ideas are put to the test using a playful give and take can keep matters provocative.

Innovation is all about asking the right questions that reveal opportunities and threats:
Understand the market, consumer, technology, and limitations-

1. Who is the final consumer and what do they desire or need?

2. What other competition offers similar products or services?

3. What technology is available and is it sufficient to produce the product efficiently?

4. What are the barriers that need to be overcome?


Observe people, products, and services in real-life conditions-

-Data and analysis approaches can provide necessary information but people's behaviour can reveal critical, practical points that must be considered.

-How does the end-user use similar and related products or services?

-Can the concept be designed to make it easy to use?

-Look for flaws or inconsistencies. These are the things the end-user will notice instantly. 

An environment of innovation should have a sense of urgency. The world of business, entertainment, and particularly the digital world is moving fast, and the only way to get ahead is to innovate faster. The faster the innovation, the faster the service or product goes to market.

The overall innovation efforts have to be placed out there fast. Creating such a climate of speed not only drives innovation but also builds an inspiring and dynamic atmosphere where innovation flourishes. Don't forget, the first to market often wins in the end.

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