The art of the start  by Guy Kawasaki


Guy Kawasaki

  startups, entrepeneurship

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Create meaning, not money.

“Successful companies begin with grandiose ambitions.”

But Guy Kawasaki changes the perspective: “great companies began by asking simple questions” such as:


1. Therefore, what?

The question arises when you predict a trend and think about its outcomes.

2. Isn’t this interesting?

To fuel your intellectual curiosity and accidental discovery power.

3. Is there a better way?

Frustration with the current state of the art is the hallmark of this path.

4. Why doesn’t our company do this?

Frustration with your current employer is the catalyzing force in this case.

5. It’s possible, so why don’t we make it?

Markets for big innovations are seldom proven in advance, so a what-the-hell attitude characterizes this path.

6. Where is the market leader weak?

Three conditions make a market leader vulnerable: first, when the leader is committed to a way of doing business. Second, when the customers of the leader are dissatisfied. Third, when the market leader is milking a cash cow and stops innovating.


Some people think that leadership is determining what you want and directing people to do it. But the achieve the art of leading, Guy Kawasaki offers these rules:

1. You should radiate optimism.

2. Build a culture around execution and performance.

3. Recruit talent better than yourself.

4.Aim to make people better than they were yesterday.

5. Concentrate on strengths.

6. Always address your weaknesses first.


As a leader of an organization, you are responsible for results, and results are the outcome of a culture established on execution. Meaning that everybody fulfils their duties and obligations.

Focus on improving yourself, your team, and training strengths.

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