The Four by Prof Scot Galloway


Prof Scot Galloway

  Competition, Management, Business, Economics

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Notes from the Four

Most interesting aspect is how Scott looks at the base emotions that each of the 4 tech companies have managed to connect with e.g. Apple is like connecting with God, Amazon taps into our basic instict to hoard (uncertain future), etc.

Factors that make the 4. T algorithm
1. Product differentiation
2. Visionary capital
3. Global reach
4. Likability
5. Vertical integration. Control distribution, manufacturing etc.
6. AI. What do you do with data
7. Career Accelerant. Ability to attract talent.
8. Geography matters. Proximity to top schools.

Skills to success
- talent
- pleasant with others
- high emotional maturity. Handle ambiguity.
- staying curious. Come up with crazy ideas
- ownership. More obsessed with details. Own the task, project and business
- go to top tier college
- accomplishment habit. Winner in one field will thrive in others too. Compete. Bravery and action orientation.
- location. Go where the action is. Super cities. In your country, continent or global. How soon did you get there.
- sell yourself. Choose your medium. Spend time everyday in talking and building your network.
- ask for equity.
- manage your finances. Save. 78% of NFL athletes under financial stress or bankrupt.
- actively manage your career.
- don't seek justice. Corporate world is unfair. Never complain.
- regression to the mean. get up and keep walking
- go where your skill is valued.
- keeping physically fit. And mentally too.
- ask for and give help regularly.
- what stage of the business do you shine at. Startup(entrepreneurs), growth(visionary), mature(operator), decline(pragmatist).
- is the long tail booming or dying. If booming work in a startup in that industry rather than leader. Eg consumer products.

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