Trillion Dollar Coach by Eric Schmidt, Jonathan Rosenberg, Alan Eagle


Eric Schmidt, Jonathan Rosenberg, Alan Eagle

  Leadership, Coaching, Startups, Management

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What an impact Life lived !

Project Aristotle at Google - characteristics of most successful teams. Psychological safety, had clear goals, meaningful roles, members were reliable and confident that teams mission was meaningful- making a difference

Not just individuals but teams need coaching
Teams of ambitious smart individuals have tension, to manage that tension well and build a community

Coaching is most effective way to transform effective people into powerful teams. Team coaching.

What would Bill do? His coachees had become good coaches themselves

Google disorg experiment- fired all managers from the engineering department.

Make people feel valued. Listen. Pay attention. This is what great managers do.
If you are a great manager your people will make you a leader.

It’s the people - manifesto

Start meetings with trip reports. What you did over weekend? Get to know and get everyone involved in a fun way. Empathy increases and people share their views easily. Weigh in without nudging

Get 1:1 right and get staff meetings right. Two critical mgmt principles. Get most important decisions to staff meetings with X functional teams. Share openly and get feedback. Tackle challenges together.

Prioritise - top 5 items. List them on a whiteboard.

1:1 meetings - start with personal stuff. What are you working on? Where do you need help? How are peer relationships? More important than top down. How are teams doing? How to course correct? How to balance innovation and execution?

Functional discussions led by functional experts. General ones led by team leaders
Real challenge if the manager in charge of the decision thinks she knows what to do. Leader should speak last. Let the team come to the conclusion/decisions
Managers job is to break ties and make their people better

Failure to make a decision as damaging as a wrong decision. Do something even if wrong.
Throne behind the round table - step in as the leader when the situation demands

Define the first principles for the situation, company or product - the immutable truths that are foundation.

If you have the right product for the right market at the right time, move at speed. Minor things will go wrong and will be fixed on the way

Coach only the coach able. Attributes of coachable- honesty n humility, willingness to persevere and work hard and a constant openness to learning. Self awareness of strengths and weaknesses

Leadership is not about you, it’s about service to something bigger- your company your team

Active listening and respectful inquiry - leader asks open Qs and listens attentively to the responses . Heightens followers feelings of competence , relatedness and autonomy

Don’t tell your team what to do, tell them stories about why we are doing it

Relational transparency- listening, providing honest feedback, demanding candour.

Managers job is to make the team mores courageous. Be the person that gives energy rather than takes it.

Work the team not the problem. If the right team is at the problem, they will fix it. Pick the right players. Hire for potential. hire for ability to contribute to the team.

Pair people for better peer relationships. Critical for better decisions.

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