Be obsessed or be average  by Grant Cardone


Grant Cardone

  startup, growth, product management

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Hyper-focus can be achieved if you are obsessed enough.

Sales is everything
Throughout every single occupation and industry, the most valuable skill one can cultivate is sales. Each and everything in a business boils down to sales. Regardless of what position a person holds, every interaction they have is some sort of pitch. No sale is unimportant.
They are the key to any company and influence every person, business, and industry. The following tips will improve sales:

*Be obsessed with your product
*Always close the deal
*Quantify progress
*Focus on reaching goals every day
*Sell by example

Obsessed people are inherent leaders, in all aspects of life.
Obsessions can be both positive or negative. Positive obsessions provide reasons for doing something of value. Negative obsessions, on the other hand, are distractions and produce no productive outcomes.

Try answering these questions:

>What are your special interests in the present?
>What amount of money is sufficient?
>What are your unique skills?
>What excellent ideas/plans do you have for something that requires a solution?
>What is it you want to be recognised for?
>What are the people that you admire do?
>What keeps you motivated?

Obsessions can be invaluable when they are managed and focused. A positive obsession can lead to maximizing potential.

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