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Specialization can actually limit your true potential

>Early specialization is not mandatory to achieve excellence.

In a world that is more aggressively competitive, we often think that more specialization is the key to achieving success. But David suggests that ditching a head start for developing range works as well, pointing out to Roger Federer who gave a shot at several different sports before picking tennis. It's never bad to sample your skillset.

>Jack of all trades

Having a wide range of experience in your arsenal will increase your likelihood of success wherever life takes you. Possessing a broad field of experience is associated with being more innovative. 

>Need for lateral-thinking generalists

David suggests that modern business requires knowledge transfer: the skill to apply conceptual knowledge of elsewhere to entirely new situations and different fields. He also argues that education should encourage critical intelligence, instead of overspecialization. 

>True learning happens in practice, not in theory

Stop offering major hints and suggestions. Allow people to be wrong and mistakes. You are not learning anything if it's easy. Make it challenging. The process of learning is slow. Performing poorly now is critical for better performance later.

>Don’t be afraid to quit

There is a huge stigma behind quitting. Quitting isn’t always an acceptance of failure. Sometimes it is the recognition of better opportunities. David suggests that exploring and switching are necessary at times. It is after doing should you be concerned about specializing. Keep an open mind. There is always something you can gain from every experience.





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